About us

Where the exceptional is the rule

Founded in 1994 by Laurent Nogues, Créanog is a graphic design studio with unparalleled expertise in embossing and hot stamping. Créanog has designed and printed luxury communications materials for clients from a wide range of sectors, including jewellery, fashion, beauty, and champagne and spirits. Créanog aims to preserve the traditional savoir-faire that underpins its excellent reputation, but also to breathe new life into it by reinterpreting established rules, experimenting, and opening new paths—both in terms of technique and aesthetics.

From ideas to objects

In the early 1990s, Laurent Nogues began experimenting with paper on fabric, wood engraving, printing on metalized surfaces and more. He quickly realized the incredible potential of embossing. Eager to renew the technique and place it back in the limelight, he decided to incorporate a graphic design studio into his workshop – a set-up that would foster cooperation between designers and craftsmen from the outset of each project. This unique structure has earned Créanog a reputation as an important player in the luxury industry over the past few years, making it a preferred partner of many of the sector’s biggest names. Créanog seamlessly blends graphic design, expert craftsmanship and marketing know-how to create unique objects perfectly suited to its clients’ communications needs.